Archipelago for families

The archipelago city Pargas is full of entertainment, excursions and services especially aimed at families with children. Pack you bag and head on an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!

Please travel responsibly and follow Finland's current corona restricitons. Also pay attention to the NTM-center's current restrictions for the commuter ferry traffic. Read more here.


The archipelago city Pargas offers accommodation that takes the needs of families with children into account. Stay at cozy Hotel Korpoström in Korpo or at Hotell Strandbo in the center of Nagu, with comfortable beds and conceivable service around the corner. If you prefer something more private, there are cottages for rent at e.g. Mossala Island Resort in Houtskär or at Kirjais Nature Inn & Villas in Kirjais.



In Pargas you'll never walk hungry! Visit our many local producers and buy delicacies directly from the farm shop. Maybe you even get to pat a lamb or pick your own strawberries! Also try the town's largest donuts in Sattmark or Fishmarket & Café Troolen’s delicious fish & chips. In the center of Pargas you will also find several food options, such as Matmalmen EVA and Café Hallonblad.

Into the nature

Discover Pargas' magnificent nature! The youngest can also manage around Barfotastigen in Korpo (1.9 km), Trollstigen on Gullkrona in Nagu (1.5 km) and Lenholmen's nature trail in Pargas (1.2 km). In Sattmark in Pargas you will find paths between 2.5 and 11 km, which the shortest, Robinson's adventure trail, is specially adapted for children. Do also take advantage of St. Olav's Waterway for children, which consists of destinations and missions on the Turku-Korpo route. Let the whole family follow Olav Haraldsson's life journey from viking to king and finally Saint Olav, while you check off the fun challenges of the pilgrim pass!


At sea

Discover Pargas' with its more than 10.000 islets and skerries from the kayak, sailing boat or SUP board! The Archipelago Trail and The Small Archipelago Trail are virtually free adventures close to the sea for the whole family, while the ship Tacksamheten takes you on a private sailing trip. Living Archipelago on Brännskär and in the port of Nagu rents out e.g. SUP boards, kayaks and rowing boats and also offers a variety of activities on land. If you travel with your own boat, the Pike & his friends' island expedition is a fun challenge.

Archipelago life

Experience the archipelago life here and now, but also as it was in the past! Visit the lookout point next to the Nordic region's largest limestone mine, the urban Central park and The Local History Museum in the center of Pargas. The archipelago is full of experiences, everything from cozy guest harbors to remote lighthouses and important cultural heritage. Also visit the popular Kids’ Lab in Korpoström and learn all about life under the sea surface. In the same property there is also the child-friendly exhibition Piscatus – Fish and Man. Our many beaches are also at the disposal of the whole family.


Bucket list!

How many tings on the list do you manage to check off on your archipelago adventure in Pargas?

  • I travelled by ferry
  • I visited all of Pargas’ main islands: Pargas, Nagu, Korpo, Houtskär and Iniö
  • I travelled to the outer archipelago
  • I ate something local
  • I swam in the sea
  • I learned something new
  • I hiked in the nature
  • I went to a museum
  • I slept in a hotel or in a rented cottage
  • I bought a souvenir from the archipelago city Pargas