Coronavirus information

Information to travellers (updated 2.6.2020)

Dear travellers,   We want to ensure the health and safety of all travellers and tourism employees and therefore kindly remind you to observe the following instructions:
  • Do not travel if you are ill.
  • Keep a 2 m distance to others on your travels.
  • Sneeze and cough into your arm.
  • Wash your hands and maintain good hand hygiene.
Instructions for safe travel (in Finnish):   This is a great time to plan and dream so you can visit later when travel is again possible. Welcome to the archipelago, stay safe!

Touristinformation during Corona

You can call our touristinformation on the number +358400 117 123, e-mail us or use the chat here on our website.


Service in the archipelago

A lot of the companies in the archipelago are already opened. You can check their websites to know their opening hours.