Contemporary Art Exhibition “Migration” in Archipelago Center Korpoström

1.5.2022 - 30.8.2022

In the Archipelago Center Korpoström’s new exhibition “Migration”, eight artists / artists duos use contemporary art as a tool to examine migration movements through the ages and what migration in a broader perspective means today. By addressing issues and perspectives that are relevant to the archipelago, but also universally, we want to show that we are part of a larger context, both historically, ecologically and geographically. We are part of a larger whole also in the archipelago. Especially in the archipelago. The exhibition is open every day during the high season (13.6 – 14.8). In May and September during the weekends, and also on request.

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Utö Outdoor Art exhibition

27.5.2022 - 29.10.2022

Utö Outdoor Art is an outdoor art exhibition where the first exhibition is the award-winning nature photographer Markus Varesvuo’s beautiful bird photos on the outer walls of Utö’s old fort (now Utö Havshotel). The exhibition is free of charge.

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Archipelago Lights – Photoexhibition

3.6.2022 - 30.9.2022

I have been photographing our wonderful Archipelago for more than 20 years and I just go on doing it because I am so fascinated of the lights, colors and varied and changing shapes in the archipelago.For me it is very important to express through my photos how beautiful, meditative, therapeutic and healing our nature is! Especially today when depression and burnout symptoms are becoming the biggest national diseases in the western world. The nature is the best therapist we have! We only need to go out to look at its beauty, listen to the silence, experience its power and harmony and through that we can find peace in ourselves. The nature is always real, true and honest… and present here and now!!

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Pargas – Nagu Walk through Finland

15.8.2022 / 09:00 - 19:00

Pargas – Nagu Monday August 15, 16 km9:00 walk from Pargas Church to Sattmark 10km11:30 lunch at Sattmark, transport from Sattmark to Nagu Lillandet, 6km walk to Nagu villageat 17.00 dinner in Nagu parish hall and pilgrims’ music in Nagu church kl: 18.00 € 30 lunch, dinner, and transport, Pilgrimage Turku – Pargas – Nagu is organised by the Swedish speaking parishes of Väståbolands svenska församling and Åbo svenska församling. Walking leaders: Maria Björkgren-Vikström and Sara GrönqvistRegistration: vastabolands.forsamling@evl.fi tfn +358 40 312 4410 no later than 10.8 Accommodation can be booked at Norrgård cottages, transport will be organised 30€ incl. breakfast Tel: + 358-50-342 5819

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Sailing with traditional wooden clicker boat Tacksamheten Nagu – Sottunga

16.8.2022 - 17.8.2022

In August you have an unique chance to sail with us along the St. Olav Waterway from Nauvo to Sottunga (på Åland). You will experience places that tourists rarely visit like Brunskär, where we will stay over night. The starting point is Nauvo, where the medieval St. Olaf’s Church rises in the middle of the village. You will board the traditional Storbåten Tacksamheten from the village harbor. During the first day we will sail to the small village of Brunskär on the outskirts of Kihti. Brunskär has been inhabited since the Middle Ages and stories are told that the monks from Kökar used to visit Brunskär on their preaching trips. We will hear more about the island on a guided tour. In Brunskär we will stay over night in the premises of the local village association. After breakfast we will sail towards the island of Sottunga in the Åland archipelago. Sottunga is the smallest municipality in Finland with less than 100 inhabitants.…

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Chamber Choir’s Summer Tour

27.8.2022 / 14:00 - 15:30

Turku Conservatory Chamber Choir invites everyone enjoying the beautiful Finnish summer to hear a concert of wonderful music in the archipelago. Our tour brings fresh tones of baroque instruments and sweet song almost to your summer cottages’ doorstep in Nagu, Korpo and Iniö. Be sure to pencil these dates in your calendar! This is our mixed choir’s first visit to the archipelago and thus we drew up a repertoire that is particularly fitting for old churches and refreshing for those thirsty of culture. The core of our concert is made out of cantatas by Heinrich Schütz, the performance of which has been a long-lasting dream of our conductor, Timo Lehtovaara. To complement the set we have hand-picked some lovely summer stories composed into music by Finnish composers for us, the singers, as well as you, our audience, to enjoy. A warm welcome to you all! Chamber Choir’s Summer TourTurku Conservatory Chamber Choirconducted by Timo LehtovaaraKatja Kolehmainen, Baroque CelloTuomas Kourula, Theorbo SATURDAY 17…

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