The archipelago town of Pargas consist of the islands of Pargas / Parainen, Nagu / Nauvo, Korpo/ Korppoo, Houtskär/ Houtskari and Iniö. The “largest” archipelago town in the world became reality, when five municipalities amalgamated in 1.1.2009. You can easily get here by bus or car, by bike or on foot. There are good connections to the nearest airports. The archipelago town of Pargas lies in Southwestern Finland in the beautiful Archipelago Sea.

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Pargas Town is 23km from Turku, 173 km from Helsinki and 180 km from Tampere. Pargas consist of the islands of Pargas / Parainen, Nagu / Nauvo, Korpo/ Korppoo, Houtskär/ Houtskari and Iniö.

From Turku, take either road 110 or motorway E8 towards Helsinki and then turn right onto Road 180, the archipelago road towards Pargas, Nagu and Korpo. The road to Korpo is 75km long. To continue on the Archipelago Trail on Korpo follow the signs to Galtby harbour and continue on the ferry to Houtskär. At the crossroads before the village of Näsby turn onto road 12003 towards Iniö. After the ferry to Iniö continue on the Archipelago Trail. From Kustavi follow road 192 towards Turku. If you wish to drive via Naantali you take road 1893 at the first roundabout and follow the signs towards Naantali. Naantali lies 16k from Turku.

Iniö lies 81 km from Turku. Take road 192 towards Kustavi and then take the road 1922 towards Iniö this will take you to the Iniö ferry MS Aura.

The full Archipelago Trail distances and ferries at a glance

*the estimated times are taken from Google Maps

Turku – Pargas

Distance: 23,8km (road 110) and 25,3km (E18)

Ferries: 0

Driving time: approx. 35 min

Cycling: approx. 1h 30min - 2h 30min

Nagu – Galtby, Korpo

Distance: 20km (Archipelago road) and 23,4km (Norrstrandvägen on Nagu)

Ferries: 1, Nagu (Pärnäs) – Korpo (Retais), 5 min

Driving time: ca 50 min (Skärgårdsvägen) 1h (Norrstrandvägen)

Cycling: ca 1h 25min (Skärgårdsvägen) ca 1h 35 min (Norrstrandsvägen, gravel road)

Korpo village and shops is 3,2km further on from Galtby.

Näsby, Houtskär – Norrby, Iniö

Distance: 31,1km

Ferries: 3

Kivimo färjan: Kivimo – Roslax, 5 min

Björkö färjan: Mossala – Björkö, 5 min

MS Antonia: Houtskär (Mossala) – Iniö (Dalen), 60 min

MS Antonia only operate during the summer and charges a fare for passengers and vehicles. Timetable and prices here.

Summer 2018 MS Antonia operates 25.5-26.8.2018.

Driving time: ca 2h 36min

Cycling: ca 2h 36min

Norrby, Iniö – Kustavi

Distance: 23,9km via Viherlahdentie

Ferries: 2

Skagen färjan: Skagen (Skagen) – Storströmmen (Skagen), 5 min

M/s Aura: Iniö (Kannvik) – Kustavi/Gustavs (Heponiemi), 25 min

Driving time: ca 1h 36min

Cycling: ca 1h 45min

Gustavs centrum – Taivassalo

Distance: 16,8km

Ferries: 0

Driving time: ca 16 min

Cycling: ca 55 min

Taivassalo - Åbo

Distance: 51,5km

Ferries: 0

Driving time: ca 50 min

Cycling: ca 2h 45min (via väg 192)

Pargas – Nagu

Distance: 33,1km

Ferries: 1, Pargas (Lillmälö) – Nagu (Prostvik), 10 min

Driving time: ca 1h

Cycling: ca 2h 15min

Galtby, Korpo – Näsby, Houtskär

Distance: 21,1km

Ferries: 1, Korpo (Galtby) – Houtskär (Kittuis), 30 min

Driving time: ca 1h 11min

Cycling: ca 1h 25min

Norrby, Iniö – Keistiö, Iniö

Distance: 4,4km Ferries: 1 Keisitö färjan: Iniö (dalen) – Keistiö, 15 min Driving time: ca 29min Cycling: ca 20 min

Norrby, Iniö – Taivassalo

Distance: 29,9km

Ferries: 2

Skagen färjan: Skagen (Skagen) – Storströmmen (Skagen), 5 min

M/s Aura: Iniö (Kannvik) – Kustavi/Gustavs (Heponiemi), 25 min

Driving time: ca 1h 41min

Cycling: ca 2h

Taivassalo – Nådendal

Distance: 45,5km

Ferries: 0

Driving time: ca 40min

Cycling: ca 2h 20min (via väg 192)

Nådendal – Åbo

Distance: 15,5km

Ferries: 0

Driving time: ca 20 min

Cycling: ca 1h (alla rutter)


Here you can find a route description of the Archipelago Trail for cyclists.


The larger Archipelago Trail has a total of 8 ferries whilst the small Archipelago Trail has 3. You can take many other ferry combinations to smaller islands. You can even continue to the Åland Islands on 2 different routes. Here are links to the ferry operators:

Finferries have a useful smartphone app.


There are many daily connections between Turku and Pargas and further out into the archipelago.

Longer routes can be found on Matkahuolto.

The archipelago bus, 901-904, operates Turku – Pargas – Nagu – Korpo – Houtskär. Frequent daily departures. Timetables change seasonally and are found in Swedish or Finnish here.

Local bus 801 operates between Turku and Pargas. The buses are yellow, timetables in Swedish or Finnish.

A bus operates between Helsinki and Korpoström on Fridays 2.5-30.9.2018, with a single return trip on Sundays. This can not be used for local trips in the archipelago. More information and timetables from Matkahuoltos or here.

There are regular, direct bus connections to Turku from many Finnish cities as well as a direct bus route from Helsinki Airport which can take as little as 2 hours. You can find timetables here.


The closest train station is Turku. You need to walk to Turku bus station, buses 901-904, or market square, bus 801, for onward connections to the archipelago. There are trains from most Finnish cities and connections from Helsinki airport. You can find timetables here.


Turku has an international airport with direct or connecting flights with a number of airlines. Bus route 1 connects the airport with Turku market square and harbour.

By sea

It is a wonderful experience to explore our beautiful archipelago with your own boat. There are numerous harbours, marinas and natural harbours in the archipelago. You can read more here:

Tourist information

Pargas Town Hall Strandvägen 28 21600 Pargas Tel: 02 458 5700 Opening hours: Mon-Wed 9-16 Thursday 9-17 Friday 9-15 (summer 1.6-31.8 kl. 14)

Nagu local office

Brinkasvägen 1
21660 Nagu
Tel 02 458 5711

Opening hours:

Mon-Wed 9-15
Thursday 9-17
Friday 9-15

Korpo local office

Handelsmansvägen 1
21710 Korpo
Tel 02 458 5722

Opening hours:

Mon-Wed 9-15
Thursday 9-17
Friday 9-15

Houtskärs local office

Näsbyvägen 214
21760 Houtskär
Tel 02 458 5733

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-15

Iniö local office

Iniövägen 590
23390 Iniö
Tel 02 458 5744

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-15

Tourist information during summer months


Adventure golf

21600 Pargas
Tel. 040 5402885


Tourist Information
Nagu harbour
21660 Nagu


Restaurant Hjalmars

Handelsmansvägen 1
21710 Korpo
Tel. 02 4631202


Tourist information point, Näsby square
21760 Houtskär


Iniö lanthandel

Norrby hamn 9
23390 Iniö
Tel. 02 4635242


Read our brochure ”Welcome to the archipelago” here.

For sailors, an electronic book about the harbours in the archipelago in Finnish and Swedish pubished in 2017, changes possible. You can read it here.