Open farms

Get to know the local products, farms and animals

Open farms is held on Sunday 20.9.2020

What is the Open farms?
During Sunday 20.9.2020 you can visit the farms that open their doors in the whole Pargas Archipelago and get to know the animals, products and people that lives on the farms.

The different farms have their own programs during the day, activities that suits everyone. The programs on the farms will be published here on the website a few weeks before the event.

The following farms open their doors:

- Björkdals gård

- Korsnäs Östergård, Nagu

- Pargas hembygdsmuseum

- Vikbo torp

-Kirjais kursgård

- Nystu gård, Wattkast

- Tammiluoto vingård

- Västeräng - Ytterstholm

Vikbo Torp


Björkdals gård


Nystu gård, Wattkast

Västeräng - Ytterstholm

Tammiluoto vingård

PLEASE NOTE! We follow all the restrictions from the government and all the THL’s health recommendations during the event.

We keep you updated during the summer about the Harvest Festival if there is any changes.