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Sailing with traditional wooden clicker boat Tacksamheten Nagu – Sottunga

16.8.2022 - 17.8.2022



In August you have an unique chance to sail with us along the St. Olav Waterway from Nauvo to Sottunga (på Åland). You will experience places that tourists rarely visit like Brunskär, where we will stay over night.

The starting point is Nauvo, where the medieval St. Olaf’s Church rises in the middle of the village. You will board the traditional Storbåten Tacksamheten from the village harbor. During the first day we will sail to the small village of Brunskär on the outskirts of Kihti. Brunskär has been inhabited since the Middle Ages and stories are told that the monks from Kökar used to visit Brunskär on their preaching trips. We will hear more about the island on a guided tour. In Brunskär we will stay over night in the premises of the local village association. After breakfast we will sail towards the island of Sottunga in the Åland archipelago. Sottunga is the smallest municipality in Finland with less than 100 inhabitants. Here we stay in cottage accommodation. From Sottunga, the trek continues towards Långnäs and Lemböte and Mariehamn.

The price of the trip is 275 € / person. The price includes sailing, accommodation, lunch during sailing, dinner, guide and breakfast in Brunskär and VAT.

BOOKING: https://saaristovaraus.bookingonline.fi/stable/tapahtuma.jsp?teema_id=2030&id=35518-37880&pvm=16.08.2022&tid=2762371&kieli=UKN


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