The Archipelago Harvest Festival

Meet the archipelago’s food businesses – get to know their products, visit their farms and eat in their restaurants

This year the Harvest Festival will take place 19-20.9.2020

Restaurant days 1-30.9.2020 Harvest Market Saturday 19.9.2020 Open farms Sunday 20.9.2020

The Archipelago Harvest Festival takes place on the third weekend in September and is the biggest event in the archipelago during the autumn. Both locals and tourists gather when the harvest season starts and it is an event no one wants to miss out on. The Archipelago Harvest Festival is being held for the 13th time this year. The biggest event of the festival is Nagu’s Harvest Market on Saturday 19.9.2020. During the festival there is also the Restaurant days that is held from 1-30.9.2020 and also the Open farms on Sunday 20.9.2020 when the local farmers open up their doors for others to get to know their businesses and animals etc. 

PLEASE NOTE! We follow all the restrictions from the government and all the THL’s health recommendations during the event.

We keep you updated during the summer about the Harvest Festival if there is any changes.