The Archipelago Trail

The archipelago is open all year round!
The whole route circleable 12.5-3.9 2023

Photo: Juho Kuva


The Archipelago Trail celebrates 25 years! Hundreds of thousands have experienced the route since its inception in 1996, by motor vehicle, bicycle or foot. This summer, the approximately 250 km long route is fully circleable 12.5. –3.9 2023 2 but the route is great to experience all around the year.

Welcome to experience our magnificent archipelago!

The Turku Archipelago is a unique patchwork of thousands of islands. The Archipelago Trail allows travellers to access the archipelago without a boat of their own – and without backtracking.

Travel by car or bus, bike or walk - you choose

Troughout circleable May 12th - September 3rd 2023

Open around the year

Length: 250km (of which 220km on roads)
Ferries: 8-9
Recommended time: 2-5 days

The Archipelago Trail has attracted cyclists, bikers and motorists for over 20 years. Island hopping is the route's speciality - there are no less than eight ferries and a multitude of bridges. There are great restaurants and places to stay the night. Farm shops and kiosks have increased during the last few years providing delicious treats along the way.

Travelling the Archipelago Trail is a great way to come in contact with the archipelago. The trail passes all the main islands of Pargas (Pargas, Nagu, Korpo, Houtskär and Iniö). These islands all have their own charm. 

We also recommend to make a detour to the outer archipelago. This part of the archipelago is very unique and especially Jurmo and Utö are places worth visiting. You can take the free ferry M/S Eivor from Pärnäs. Timetable:

The trail is about 250km (of which 220km on roads) in length if you follow the main route.  The nicest thing with this trail is that the main route only has one chargeable ferry. All the other ferries are free of charge. During summer time you're able to travel the trail as a whole, but during other times of the year you have to turn around halfway either in Houtskär or Iniö depending on where you have started and where you are going. This means that the archipelago is accessible every day of the year, even if you cannot do the Archipelago Trail as a whole.

Read more about the route here:

The shorter version suits the ones who have less time but still want to experience the archipelago. Read more about the Small Archipelago Trail here:

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