The outer Archipelago

Discover the most distant places in the archipelago city Pargas! Visit the outer archipelago with flexible public transport and the islands often offer a variety of services. Plan your trip after the high season of summer, to get the most out of your stay!

Please travel responsibly and follow current corona restictions. Also pay attention to the NTM-center’s current restrictions on commuter ferry traffic. Read more here.

NOTE! M/S Baldur operates again from Pärnäs harbour. You can find car parking in Pärnäs harbour

Choose public transportation

An own boat is not a requirement for a full-scale archipelago experience! Travel with the commuter ferry M/S Baldur, free of charge, from Pärnäs in Nagu to Berghamn, Nötö, Aspö, Jurmo and Utö. The final destination can be reached in 4-5 hours and there is a restaurant on the boat. You can travel collectively by bus all the way from Turku to Pärnäs, alternatively use the harbor’s free car parking. Travel easily by public transport to Björkholm with M/S Viken from Granvik in Pargas and to Brännskär with M/S Falkö from Kirjais. You can also travel to the outer archipelago by taxi boat.

You can also travel to the outer archipelago by taxi boat. Read more: Sjövägen Oy, Saaristo cruises ja Taxipelago.



Berghamn is located south of Nagu’s main island and you can travel here easily from Kirjais or Pärnäs. The old fisherman’s farm Västerby on the north shore of the island is like a fragment of the past archipelago landscapes. On Berghamn, the cultural landscape is nurtured and in Västerby you'll find an exhibition about fishermen’s lives through the ages. In summer, guided tours are arranged on the island, you have the opportunity to camp, visit the guest harbor and walk along the nature trails.


On Nötö in Nagu you are welcomed by the picturesque boat houses and the small archipelago village with its old farms. Nötö is one of the largest islands in the Archipelago National Park, equipped with a small grocery store, a bakery and a café. Take the opportunity to walk around the island, take a look at the old windmill in the harbor and visit Nötö’s chapel, inaugurated in 1757.



On Aspö in Korpo you'll find all the components for an enjoyable day in the archipelago! On the island, which has a dozen year-round inhabitants, there is a guest harbor, public wooden sauna, possibility to buy fish and a small shop with a café. Do also discover the beautiful island along its nature trail.


Jurmo offers entertainment for the whole family! Here, the guest harbor expands with its approximately 80 moorings and you'll find something to eat in the harbor shop, while a barbecue area enables cooking of you own. Discover Jurmo’s magnificence on foot by walking along the beaches. On the island there are several accommodation options, but especially the cottages are reserved quickly, so make your booking well in advance. To Jurmo you can travel collectively with M/S Baldur in about 3 hours from Pärnäs.



Utö is the southernmost all year around inhabited island in Pargas, and the final destination for the commuter ferry M/S Baldur. The barren landscapes of Utö are popular among birdwatchers, but of course also for others who appreciate the tranquility of the outer archipelago and the surrounding sea. On the island you will find accommodation at e.g. Utö Havshotel, which also offers services like sauna, restaurant and guided tours. At Hannas Horisont you can spend the night but also visit the café. On the island there is also a small grocery store, guest harbor and of course the famous landmark Utö lighthouse.


Discover Björkholm in Pargas! Here’s everything you need for the ultimate cottage holiday, a pleasant accommodation close to the sea and a variety of activities. Do you enjoy fishing, hiking, petting lambs, playing disc golf, SUP boarding, sailing or just relaxing? Then Björkholm is the destination for you! Travel here easily with the commuter ferry M/S Viken from Granvik in Pargas.



Discover Brännskär in Nagu, with its natural harbor where both children and adults thrive. On the island you'll find cottage accommodation close to the sea and a camping site, as well as a variety of activities. Go on a fishing trip or experience the island landscape from the kayak, try archery and disc golf or go for a hike, either by yourself or with a guide. The guest harbor serves delicacies such as freshly baked bread, soup and smoked fish, and offers other services such as a sauna.