The Small Archipelago Trail




The Small Archipelago Trail is a shorter version of the Archipelago Trail and is a perfect travel destination for a day or two

Open 13.5-4.9.2022

Length: 120 km
Ferries: 3
Recommended time: 1-2 days

Now it's time to experience the Finnish archipelago! You don't even need your own boat. You can travel the Small Archipelago Trail from mid-May until the end of August. By car it takes only one day (if you prefer to stay longer, you'll find good places for accommodation here) and by bike it'll take a couple of days. If you follow the fastest route the trip will be around 120 km long.

The Small Archipelago Trail goes through five cities: Turku, Raisio, Naantali, Pargas and Kaarina. But you won't experience a lot of city life, since 2/3 of the route is on islands. Along the route there is 15 year-round inhabited islands and a few uninhabited ones. The Small Archipelago Trail is a shorter version of the main route The Archipelago Trail. 


Route description

The Small Archipelago Trail can be enjoyed equally in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The following route description is anti-clockwise, from Turku to Naantali, Rymättylä, Seili Island, Nagu, Pargas, Kaarina, and back to Turku.

1. Turku-Naantali-Rymättylä

2. Hämmärönsalmi-ferry

The first ferry is a short passage between two islands in Rymättylä. The journey is free and takes 5 minutes – note that the ferry runs according to a timetable and departs roughly every 20minutes.

3. Rymättylä (Hanka)-Seili-Nagu

The second sea voyage is between Rymättylä and Nagu and takes one hour. The ferry MS Östern only has 3 sailings per day in each direction, check the timetables and fares in advance at The harbour of departure in Rymättylä is Hanka.

Explore Seili/ Själö and/or Nagu

Discover the historical Seili island by breaking up your sea voyage midway. Please note, cars or other vehicles are not allowed on the island, only pedestrians and bikes. Remember to check MS Östern’s timetable to make sure that you will get an onward journey to Nagu later the same day. MS Östern continues its journey immediately to Nagu and does not wait for passengers at Seili Island.

In Nagu visit one of the many restaurants, small boutique shops in the marina, the fieldstone church or just wander around in this lovely village that blossoms in the summer. You will find everything within a few hundred meters in the compact centre.

4. Nagu-Pargas

The third sea crossing takes you from Nagu (Prostvik) to Pargas (Lillmälö). It is only 15 minutes by car from the village to the ferry. The ferry is free, departs up to four times an hour and take 10 minutes. It is not possible to reserve a place on any of the ferries so be sure to arrive in time.

On busy summer days many cars use this crossing and you may need to wait for a later ferry, but this is part of island life, enjoy the scenery and enjoy a coffee, ice cream or local tasty strawberries from the kiosks at either ferry pier.    

Pop into Pargas center and explore the town

Some places to visit:

  • The old wooden town called Gamla Malmen.
  • Pargas Church is a typical example of coastal fieldstone churches.
  • You can hear the stories of when Lenin visited Pargas as he fled Russia for Europe at the local history museum.
  • Be sure to make a short detour to visit the lookout point over the Limestone Quarry – the largest in northern Europe. (Signposted from Skolgatan)
  • You’ll find a good selection of shops, cafes and other services in the town.

5. Pargas-Turku

Kaarina is only 15 minutes and Turku 30 minutes by car.

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