Things to do in the city of Pargas

The city of Pargas is the largest city in Pargas archipelago and it also goes by the name “Malmen”, which is translated to “The Ore”. Pargas has a large limestone quarry and this is where the name “Malmen” comes from.

Today it’s trendy to travel in the archipelago and on the Archipelago Trails. This year it has also become trendy to travel nearby your home. Whether you’re a traveller from Finland or if you’re coming a longer way – here are a few tips on what to do and what to see in the city of Pargas, “Malmen”.


  1. Pargas old town ”Gamla Malmen” and the beautiful local history museum and industrial museum

    Do a self-guided tour in the small streets of Gamla Malmen. Follow the guiding points along the route and learn some archipelago history. Scan the QR-codes to get more information about the spots.

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    Also, make sure to visit the local history museum nearby Köpmansgatan and the industrial museum, which is a short walk from the centre.

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  1. The small shops, restaurants and cafés on Köpmansgatan

    When you feel satisfied with all the history lessons it is good to take care of your hunger and thirst in some of the restaurants or cafés on Köpmansgatan. You can have a pizza or eat at a restaurant that offers local food. When your stomach is full you should visit the small stores on Köpmansgatan as well. Here you’ll find everything – vintage, interior, flowers, high-end products and glitter.

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  1. The unique Art Bank gallery

    On Köpmansgatan you’ll also find Art Bank gallery, or more officially ”Salvador Dalî Private Exhibition and Art Gallery”. Travel to Salvador Dalî’s home, mind and art. This is an internationally unique collection of Dalî’s sculptures, furniture, paintings and other art works. In the Art Bank Gallery you can also experience exclusive pieces of art from both Finnish and international artists.

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  1. Central park and Centris adventure golf

    If you’re travelling with your family it is good to take a break now and then. Pargas central park or “Archipelago Central Park” is a good place for a break. The children can play in the playground or play games on the grass. The older ones can work out or do some stretching in the outdoor gym by Sundet or just relax on the park benchs. And of course they are allowed to play in the playground if they rather do that! After that you can walk to Centris adventure golf and play a round. Here you can also find an information point and a café.

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    Alternatively, you can play a round of disc golf in the park. The track is also suitable for beginners.

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  1. The cherry on the cake: the limestone quarry viewpoint

    How come a small city started growing within Pargas? How did Pargas become one of Finland’s leading limestone actors? The mineral Pargasite….? These are questions you’ll ask when visiting Nordkalk’s limestone quarry viewpoint on Pajbackavägen 1. Not many places in the world has a quarry this close to the city centre, okay maybe in Kiruna.

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The perfect ending, or start, to your archipelago trip is a visit to the city of Pargas, “Malmen”. You’ll get an understanding of how diverse, rich and unique Pargas is, with everything from heavy industries to small, idyllic archipelago villages.

Pargas local istory museum

Pargas limestone quarry viewing point


The city of Pargas