Archipelago winter – a travellers’ paradise

Orgininal text: Heli Heikkilä
Translation: City of Pargas

Kuvat: Outi Fagerlund, Heli Heikkilä


Think of The Turku Archipelago and images of summer come to mind: stunning sunsets, sun-baked rocks, red boathouse, traditional villages and a relaxed atmosphere.

But what is left when summer is gone? The sun only warms the spirit, snow crusts the smooth rocks and forgotten signs swing gently above deserted summer market places. Silence replaces the tourist throng, a silence the few locals cannot fill.

Winter in the archipelago is different.

In the winter archipelago, you can of course snowshoe, kayak, go ice fishing or long-distance ice-skating, ride your hover board, do yoga…

… or then you can simply do nothing. Extreme experiences or infinite silence – these are one and the same for many who seek archipelago winter experiences.

Archipelago silence is not an absolute silence, only a possibility to listen to nature’s voices – with a bit of luck you can even hear the call of grey seals. These sounds are seldom annoying, quite the opposite, they are calming.

Nature dominates winter in the archipelago. Hard frosts meet dark, clear waters, magical sea harr rising over the sea coats trees in sparkling hoarfrost. You may encounter howling storms or a stark darkness revealing starry skies and northern lights.

The only danger is that your heart will want to remain in the archipelago. Fortunately, ferries operate throughout the winter. Restaurants and accommodation services are open – sparsely, but enough for a weekend getaway. It is an experience you cannot afford to miss.