Favourite places in Pargas archipelago

We asked our followers on social media about their favourite places in the archipelago. We got many comments and have now summarized all the places. It’s a joy to see both popular tourist places and new, mor unknown places.

Pargas guest harbour

Framnäs and the guest harbour
Själö – lovely nature, touching history, old style feeling
Pensar – beautiful nature and lovely people
Westerholm’s nature and cultural trail

Norrskata – good and peaceful bicycling roads, totally own atmosphere on the island
The guest harbours

Mossala’s cliffs and observation tower
Borgberg observation tower

Jumo village’s harbour
Iniö church
Keistiö – the lake Friskan, school museum
Söderby’s amazing cliffs
The nature trail and the observation tower

Outer archipelago
Utö – the nature, unique history, Utö lighthouse
Jurmo – the east point Österrevet, the unique nature
Björkö – natural harbour, a small lake on the island
Lökholm – trails surrounded by heathers (pink flowers), flat cliffs, calming sea landscape


Pargas guest harbour

Mossala observation tower

Iniö, Söderby