Nagu – places worth visiting

Nagu is compared to other islands a bustling summer village with a wide range of restaurants and services. To Nagu you can come either via land or water and it’s a perfect destination for a day trip. Nagu is only 1,5h from Turku and 40 min from Pargas (by car), depending on the ferry queues and timetable. During summer time it’s also possible to come by the boat M/S Norrskär (Turku-Själö-Nagu-Gullkrona) or M/S Östern if you’re travelling the Little Archipelago Trail.

Places in Nagu worth visiting:

  • Guest harbour – A great place to observe the life of the marina and do some shopping. In the restaurant selection of the marina and the surroundings there is something for everyone.
  • Själö island – It’s easy to make a day trip from Nagu to the nearby island Själö (Seili in Finnish). An amazing nature meets an interesting history; the island used to serve as an exile island for people suffering from leprosy and mental illnesses. You can also stay the night here.
  • Nature trails and viewing points – There are plenty of nature trails in Nagu where you can find viewing points and other sights. A great way to see the archipelago from a birds view and to get closer to the nature.

Restaurants in Nagu worth visiting:

  • Köpmans – A small idyllic restaurant-café with a beautiful garden, where you can enjoy the nature. This summer they have introduced paletas, which are handmade frozen popsicles made from fruits and berries. Also everything in the café is handmade. If you’re hungry you can always order from the restaurant menu.
  • Båthuset – A restaurant-bar in the guest harbour. From its terrace you can observe the harbour life and enjoy the sea-air while drinking and eating. They serve hamburgers and have a vast selection of drinks.
  • Troolen – A new restaurant for this summer is restaurant Troolen. The place is located a little outside of the village, but appeals with it being the only fish restaurant in Nagu. They serve fresh fish caught the same morning every day. The also serve a soup lunch during summer. In the yard of the restaurant is an old oak trawler M/S Amanda, which now stands there as an ice cream kiosk.

Nagu guest harbour

Båthuset – restaurant and bar

M/S Östern and Själö

Köpmans restaurant