One day in Pargas archipelago

The archipelago is easy to reach and we want to clarify that by giving tips on places to visit if you’re coming for a one-day visit. It’s possible to visit most of these places year-around. “Year-around” is actually another thing we want to point out; the archipelago is  actually open every day of the year, 24/7, no matter what weather or season it is.


The Little Archipelago Trail

The Little Archipelago Trail is open between June 1st and August 30th 2020 (and 4-6.9, 11-13.9 and 18-20.9.2020). This is a perfect day trip. You can travel both clockwise and counterclockwise, as long as you remember to plan your trip according to M/S Östern’s schedule.

[ Take a look at the schedule here: ]

When travelling the Little Archipelago Trail you pass Nagu and Pargas. If you have time, you should definitely stop at these places and see what they have to offer. This trail offers plenty beautiful sea landscapes and there is also a lot of services along the road.


A day in Nagu

Nagu is situated only one ferry from mainland. The ferry drives often and therefore you reach Nagu really fast. Here you can take a stroll in the guest harbour and see what kinds of services it has to offer. During summer time there is a lot of small shops and restaurants here and some of the restaurants are open even during low season. Next to the guest harbour you’ll find a beach and some cliffs. Here is also several nature trails; both in Nagu and on the way from Nagu to mainland. During summer many events are arranged here and during autumn here is a large Harveset Festival event.


A day in Iniö

Iniö is close to the mainland as well, but from another direction. By M/S Aura you can travel from Kustavi to Iniö. The commuter ferry follows a schedule, which is worth looking at before coming.

[ Take a look at the schedule here: ]

Iniö’s main sight is the nature. In order to get in touch with the nature, you can walk the nature trail in Norrby. The trail ends at Iniö’s highest point, Kasberget, from where you’ll get a nice view over the archipelago. Iniö church is another sight. Here is a lot of services during summer timme, but during low season the service supply decreases. Iniö Lanthandel (local store) is open year-around, but during low season it’s closed Sundays and Mondays.


Daytrip to Nötö or Aspö

Visit the outer archipelago and stay there for a couple of hours. By the commuter ferry M/S Eivor you can go on a day trip on Mondays and Wednesdays during low season (Aug 7th – Jun 6th), and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during summer time. The ferry is free of charge! The ferry starts from Pärnäs in Nagu in the morning/early day, then you spend a few hours on the island and return to Pärnäs in the evening.

[ Take a look at the schedule here: ]
[ Schedule during summer:ä-2019-2.0.pdf ]

Nötö has a cultural trail you can walk. The trail is around 2 km long and it starts from the local store and is marked with white arrows. You pass by the windmill, the folk museum and Nötö chapel. On Nötö there is also seven main buildings left from the 18th century, ancient graves and a singing stone.

On Aspö you’ll meet the locals as soon as you get off the ferry. Here you can visit the chapel, walk the nature trail and experience real outer-archipelago-feeling.

Remember this during low season:
1. Bring your own food to the outer archipelago. Most of the service is closed during low season. 
2. Remember to call M/S Eivor beforehand to tell that you’re getting off at Aspö/Nötö. During low season they only stop there when necessary. More info about this in the schedule.


Iniö church



M/S Östern, The Little Archipelago Trail