Tips for living a happy life

Linda Räihä lives at Utö – Finland’s southernmost inhabited island. She is currently a part of the Rent a Finn campaign. During a couple of days she will show the island to two tourists and share her best tips for a happy life with them. We were also lucky to get a few tips from Linda, which according to her makes your life merrier and happier.

1. Do gardening or take care of plants. That’s slow. Rushing is not important, instead slowness is what makes life important.
2. Remember how the things you once dreamt of, are the things you now have. 
3. Go away from the city life to nature. A little uncertainty is good. Especially, go out to sea!
4. Read and tell stories. That’s eye-opening.
5. Think about what and who you put your time in on. Life has a due date: forget about social media every once in a while, the real life is where you are at that moment.
6. Clean often and give away things you don’t need anymore.
7. Remember to celebrate small moments. That makes it it easier to remember the good moments instead of the bad ones.
8. Tell bad jokes. Joy spreads fast.
9. Don’t fear things (except if mom is angry), it helps us relate to difficult things.
10. Talk beautifully about yourself. Remember to love your close ones and to care about yourself.