Which part of the archipelago is your favorite? Help us showcase the world’s most unique archipelago from your perspective! By using #VisitPargasYes you give us permission to use your Instagram image in Visit Pargas travel marketing and showcase your images to the world.

The images will be used to showcase the Pargas region from your perspective. They will not be used to advertise companies and you can always request to remove our rights of using and storing your images. Read the full terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions

Visit Pargas collects images on Instagram that showcase the Pargas region of the archipelago. By giving us permission to use your images you help us show Finland’s beautiful archipelago to the world. In these terms and conditions, Visit Pargas means the City of Pargas Tourist Office. These terms and conditions do not limit the sender’s right to use the image he or she has submitted for his or her own purposes in any manner. No compensation is paid to the photographer for the use of the images.

Usage of the images
The images will not be used to market any specific company or sell any products, only to market the Pargas region on a general level. The images will be used on Visit Pargas digital channels, such as www.visitpargas.fi, www.visitparainen.fi and our social media channels: Instagram (VisitPargas and VisitArchipelago) and Facebook (Visit Pargas – Visit Parainen and Saariston Rengastie – Skärgårdens Ringväg). The photos can also be used in any possible new digital channel for a similar purpose. Visit Pargas is not allowed to sell or give permission to use the photos to third parties.

Validity of licenses
Visit Pargas can use the images as mentioned without time timit.

Crediting images
When we use the images, the name of the source Instagram account is always mentioned.

Editing images
Cropping is allowed for the images. Manipulation of the image is not allowed.

Image storage and processing
The images are stored in Visit Pargas internal image bank. The images can only be accessed by The City of Pargas employees.

How to remove the right to use an image
If the photographer wants to remove the right to use the image, a request must be sent to Visit Pargas through email to visit@parainen.fi. The image must be described or the original photo must be attached to the request. The photographer must also include the name of the Instagram account and the e-mail address of the photographer.