Vilma Jää 21.08.2024

Vilma Jää is a singer, composer, violinist and scholar with an impressive track record in folk music, pop and opera. She gained widespread fame with her performance in the opera Innocence by Kaija Saariaho, where she employed the folk music techniques that she also uses in her etno-pop solo career. Combining centuries-old tales with electronic music, she has released five singles, of which Saatanan saalistaja [Fucking predator], Jäinen neiti [Icy maiden] and Humalahullu [Crazy drunk] have gained considerable radio play. A panel of music experts nominated Saatanan saalistaja as one of the 100 best songs in the world in a survey conducted by the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper in January 2022. Vilma Jää was entered on the YleX Breakthrough listing in 2023. Her début album, Kosto [Revenge], was released in October 2023.