Houtskär - something extraordinary

Houtskär consists of about 700 islets of different sizes. About 520 people live here but if you count all the people that come to live here in the summer the number increases significantly. There is a lot of things that makes Houtskär special - the nature, the dialect, the culture... Houtskär is a part of the Archipelago Biosphere Reserve and a part of Houtskär is in the Archipelago Sea National Park area. 


There are many traditional villages in Houtskär, especially Hyppeis and Björkö are famous for their beautiful boathouses. The nature in Houtskär is variegated and rich in species.  The orchid Adam and Eve grows here on Houtskär. The orchid is common on Åland, however east of Åland they are quite rare and therefore it is special that they grow on Houtskär.

In Näsby in Houtskär you can pay a visit to the beautiful wooden church that was built in the year 1703. In Näsby you can also visit an archipelago museum, it lies near the church and not far away from the guest harbour. The point of the museum is to mirror the life of the people who have lived in the archipelago through times.