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St. Olav Waterway

Hike from island to island through the world’s most beautiful archipelago.
St. Olav Waterway is open all year around

Accommodations, restaurants and activities along the St. Olav Waterway

Your journey starts at the St Olav milestone in front of Turku Cathedral, and passes through the archipelago and Åland Islands, before continuing all the way to Trondheim in Norway. Along the St. Olav Waterway, you will find various accommodation options, from traditional Finnish cabins to hotels and guesthouses. Services such as bike and kayak rentals, tourist information centres, and convenience stores are also available to make your trip more comfortable. Regarding dining, the trail offers a range of restaurants serving traditional Finnish cuisine and local food.

Surrounded by the rich and diverse nature of the archipelago, take an historic journey, on which hikers and locals meet. Your journey spans almost 1,200 kilometres. You can walk the route for a few hours, several days, or a few weeks.

Choose a length that suites you

The route from Turku to Eckerö on the Åland Islands takes up to 10 days, 7 to Mariehamn and 4 to Korpo. During the summer you can walk for 2-4 relaxing days from Turku to Nagu and take the tourist boat back to the centre of Turku. Plan your own trip and book accommodation or other services via the digital maps or book a self-guided package. There are also shorter pilgrimage trails for families in Pargas and Korpo with free pilgrimage passports with fun activities available for children.

St. Olav Waterway is part of the official Saint Olav Ways, a network of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.