A charming and lively archipelago community

Nagu is a charming and lively archipelago community, there lives about 1500 inhabitants all year round but during the summer this number increases a lot because of all the summer guests that come to Nagu. Nagu consists of two main islands, Storlandet and Lillandet, and of the unique archipelago with its 3000 islands, islets and skerries.

Nagu gästhamn

Farming and tourism is among the most important industries in Nagu. The products and services that are produced here are of high quality. Some of these products and services you can find in the guest harbour that lies north of Kyrkbacken. The guest harbour has a lot to offer, everything from designer clothing to smoked fish. Walking along the beach in the harbour towards Framnäs on a warm summer day can be compared to being on the Riviera because of all the boats, restaurants, cafés and shops.

If you are interested in culture Nagu has something for you too. The medieval greystone church with its unique Schwan organ from 1791 and Själö wooden church, from the time that Själö was a remote place of confinement for leapers and a mental asylum, is worth a visit. It is impossible to get enough of the nature in Nagu, with its leafy landscapes in the inner archipelago and the bare cliffs out in the outer archipelago. In Nagu you can live, work and feel good. Nagu is a lifestyle.