Utö is located in the Finnish outer archipelago and is the southernmost island with year around inhabitants in Pargas. Utö's barren landscape attracts birdwatchers and others who appreciate a quiet life far out in the archipelago. The location of the island has throughout the ages been important to the seafaring and the military. Utö guard fort was closed down in 2005, but the Finnish defense still has a couple of areas at its disposal.

Are you a birdwatcher? Join other people with the same interest when the birds are in motion.

A fan of diving? S/S Park Victory's wreck is a popular sight under sea! The ship sank in 1947 when it was transporting coal from Virginia to Turku. Ten sailors died in the accident, 38 were rescued. The wreck is located at a depth of 27-36 meters. The tops of the masts are 8 meters below the water surface.


How to get to Utö?

From Turku it's easy to travel by bus, car or bicycle to Pärnäs in Nagu, from where you can take the connecting boat M/S Baldur to the outer archipelago. The harbor offers free parking and M/S Baldur is also free of charge. Travel straight to Utö or stop at one of the other islands along the way. Some days it's possible to make a return trip the same day, other days you are required to spend the night on the island and continue your journey back home the following day.

Recommended length of the route: 1-3 days. Turku-Pärnäs takes approx. 2 hours by car or bus and Pärnäs-Utö approx. 4.5 hours by connecting boat M/S Baldur

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M/S Baldur

Accommodation and services on Utö



For those looking for accommodation, there are various options on Utö – everything from hotel rooms to cottages. Utö Havshotel is Finland's southernmost sea hotel. Spend the night in the old Barracks hotel, "Kalkas"-hotel or travel home "Fågelli".

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Hannas Horisont offers bed and breakfast accommodation just below Utö lighthouse.


Utö town houses offers additional accomodation in apartments on the island.

Info: Utö rivitalot

Restaurant and café

On the island there is a restaurant open during the summer season. The restaurant is located in Utö HavshotelHanna's Horisont's café offers classic seafood dishes and homemade salty and sweet delicacies. Do also pay a visit to the small souvenir shop next to the café.

Utö has its own grocery store too, located next to the bridge in the village. In connection with the store, Utö Handel, there is also the post office. Utö Handel is open all year round. 

Guest harbor

Hannas Horisont's guest harbor

The eastern side of the village’s wooden jetty is reserved as a guest harbour. The western side and northern end are used by the pilot station and the hotel. The harbour’s services are: electricity, toilet, waste disposal, shop and café. Harbour fee 15€/day. Payments at Hanna’s Horizon Café.

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Utö Havshotel's guest harbor

Those who travel with their own boat can dock at the guest harbor pier. A place in the guest harbor costs 15 €/day. The price includes electricity and waste management. The boaters can also use the guest harbor's toilet.

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Utö lighthouse


Utö lighthouse measures 27 meters and is Finland's oldest still functioning lighthouse. Did you know that there is a church inside the lighthouse and that guided tours of the building are arranged all year round? During the tour we take a closer look at the lighthouse, the prayer room, the cemetery and of course the outer archipelago's barren and beautiful nature. The guided tours can be held in English, Swedish or Finnish.


  • Utö chapel 
  • Dragon memorial 
  • The island's barren nature