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Utö, an island in the Finnish archipelago

Discover the rugged beauty and rich history of Utö: An unspoiled island paradise in the Finnish archipelago where nature, tranquility, and adventure await.

How to get to Utö?

Explore the outer archipelago of Finland with ease by starting your journey in Turku. Take a bus, car, or bike to Pärnäs in Nagu and then hop on the free M/S Utö connecting vessel to reach the island of Utö. The harbor offers free parking. Enjoy the flexibility to stop at other islands along the way or head straight to Utö. Depending on the day, plan for a day trip or spend a night on the island before continuing your journey back home.

Recommended duration for this route is 1-3 days. The drive or bus ride from Turku to Pärnäs takes about 2 hours and the boat ride from Pärnäs to Utö takes about 4.5 hours.

Utö is a secluded island in the farthest reaches of the Finnish archipelago, in the municipality of Pargas.

A Year-Round Island Retreat in the Finnish Archipelago

Utö is one of the only island in the area with a year-round population. The island’s rugged and natural landscape is a draw for birdwatchers, hikers and those seeking a peaceful retreat in the archipelago.

Throughout history, the island has played an important role in seafaring and military defense.

Bild: Jasmin Yuchun

Explore the Depths of History: Dive into the Wreck of S/S Park Victory in Utö

Divers can also explore the wreck of the S/S Park Victory, which sank in 1947 while transporting coal from Virginia to Turku, claiming the lives of 10 sailors. The wreck lies at a depth of 27-36 meters, the tops of the masts are 8 meters below the water surface.

For birdwatchers, Utö offers a chance to spot a variety of species during their migration.

Step back in time and discover the beauty and history of Finland’s oldest still-functioning lighthouse on Utö island.

Take a guided tour all year round to explore the lighthouse, the prayer room, the cemetery and the rugged beauty of the outer archipelago. Utö’s experienced guides are available to conduct tours in English, Swedish, or Finnish.

Standing at 27 meters tall, this lighthouse holds a wealth of secrets waiting to be uncovered. Imagine your surprise to find a church nestled within its walls.