The Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is a comfortable way of getting in contact and familiarise yourself with the archipelago, and you decide how you want to move around in the area. Go by boat, bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus or hike. Whatever you choose the archipelago offers good communications. The Archipelago Trail is about 250 km long and different ferries and ferry boats will take you where you need to go. The only ferry that costs on the main route is the one that traffics between Dalen in Iniö and Mossala in Houtskär, all the other ferries are free of charge.

You can go round the whole route in the summer, during the other seasons you will have to turn around halfway through the route either in Houtskär or in Iniö depending where you start and which way you are going.

You can go around the whole route in one day with a car, but why not take a couple of days so that you have the time to really enjoy the beautiful archipelago and all it has to offer. Along the route you can find many different services, everything from bed and breakfast to hotels, and many different restaurants and shops.

Here you can find more information about the route and also some information about the route called the Little Archipelago Trail. The Little Archipelago Trail is a part of the Archipelago Trail.

St Olav Waterway

St Olav Waterway is a unique international project which has the goal to mark the path of the first pilgrimage route and hiking trail in the world in the archipelago, between islands and over seas. St Olav Waterway was named after a Norwegian saint, Olav Haraldsson and will start at Turku and continue on through interesting historical places in the Finnish and Ålandic archipelago, from Grisslehamn to the north of Sweden through the beautiful nature- and agricultural landscapes in Uppsala, Gästrikland and Hälsingland. In the Finnish archipelago can the pilgrim traveling on the sea experience the hospitality that is connected to the archipelago, enjoy the peace and quiet among the islands, and just let all your mind rest. Here the pilgrim can as an alternative to taking the ferries between the islands also choose to ride a bicycle, sail or paddle a part of the route. In spring, April to June, and the autumn, August to October, is the best time for hiking in the archipelago. The weather is usually good and the temperature is suitable for outdoor activities. There is enough space, calmness and untouched sights in the archipelago for a pilgrim on the sea.

Even though the whole route will be marked and done in the landscape in the year 2019 it is still possible to hike some parts of the route in Åboland and the Åland islands, also in some cases if combine hiking with sailing or boat transports, already in the spring and summer of 2018. The official opening was in Turku Friday the 24th of May 2019!


Here you can find information on the St Olav Waterway routes.