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Winter in the Finnish archipelago

Winter in the archipelago is diverse: snowy, gray, and quiet. Peaceful, cozy and warm.

Unwind and reconnect: embrace nature’s beauty, starry nights, and cozy comforts – your perfect weekend getaway!

Experience the diversity of nature and then enjoy the crackling warmth of the fireplace, good food, and unique accommodation. Here, you won’t be disturbed by street lights, but you can see all thousands of stars in the sky. You can also work remotely, enjoy new views, hike in nature, and relax in the warmth of the sauna. Come for a weekend and disconnect from all your everyday routines, and then return with recharged energy.

Even though the archipelago doesn’t guarantee a snowy winter wonderland, its unique climate brings its own charm. The ever-changing ice situation in the outer archipelago adds excitement and adventure to your winter explorations. Come and discover the archipelago’s winter wonderland in its own special way!

Experience the stunning beauty of the Archipelago’s spring awakening – Get ready to be amazed!

The archipelago’s winter shows its many sides, which can sometimes change very quickly. Some days we have snow, ice, and cold. On other days, it can be grey, wet, and slushy. Those days we want to curl up on the couch and cozy up in front of the fireplace with steaming hot cocoa, and a good book and enjoy the silence that is only broken by the crackling of the fire. We gladly forget about computers and phones when nature invites us to put on warm outdoor clothes and go out into the winter sun for a walk, skiing or even ice skating. The sun is already warming up your nose tip and the cheerful chirping of small birds can be heard from bushes and tree branches.

Many nature trails are in frequent use even in winter, so it’s easy to follow them even if they don’t have official winter maintenance. It’s amazing how many different animal tracks we can see in the sparkling snow – then we realize how much life there is even in winter!