Come to Iniö and experience the real archipelago

Iniö is a small municipality, but it has a shore line of 700 kilometers in length. Iniö also consists of over 1000 islets and skerries and out of all these islets only 10 are inhabited all year round. Iniö has 194 inhabitants but in the summer this number multiplies. Summer is peak season, that is when you get to enjoy the beautiful shimmering sea and the shining sun, but also spring, autumn and winter has its charm out in the archipelago.


Iniös foremost sight is the nature, with its thousands of islets and skerries, shimmering sea and the bright sun that shines down from a clear blue sky.

Iniö is a part of the Archipelago Trail and because of this there are good ferry and boat connections in all directions. If you don't have your own boat, no worries there are ferries that can take you to and from Iniö. Come to Iniö and experience the real archipelago and watch the white-tailed eagle fly over the beautiful sea.

See and do in Iniö

The church Sophia Wilhelmina

The church Sophia Wilhelmina, located next to Hinnskär's center, was inaugurated in June 1801 and named after the newborn Swedish princess Sofia Wilhelmina. Unfortunately the church burned down on Good Friday 1880 and both the roof and the interior were completely destroyed. The church’s interior was renewed in neo-Gothic style according to county architect C.J. von Heideken's drawings, and can today be seen in its restored condition.

Dora's Memorial Bench

Dora's memorial bench can be visited in Norrby harbor in Iniö. The memorial site with a bench and a cherry tree by the sea har been set up in memory of Dora Siivonen. Dora became known to many through the documentary Dora at Lammholm. In the documentary the viewers got to follow Dora's life on Lammholm, where she lived self-sufficiently with the cat Saku as her company. The bench will be memorial site for all missing loved ones.

The Small Pulley Museum

The Small Pulley Museum is located next to the church in Norrby, Iniö. In addition to the extensive block collection, you'll also find other objects related to navigation. The history of the ice roads in the archipelago is also presented here.

Erkas Gården

Erkas Gården is located on the island Jumo in Iniö's beautiful archipelago. In the farm shop you can e.g. buy homemade dairy products as ice cream and cheese, as well as archipelago loaf bread and sweet pastries. Erkas Gården also has a restaurant, which is open on Saturdays in July. Experienced master chefs prepares archipelago emphasized fine dining dishes.

Björklund Båtslip and Leonella

At Björklunds Båtslip you get help with any boat- & machine service, but here is also a café and an authentic thai-restaurant. Björklunds Båtslip also offers camping services. In the peaceful guest harbor you'll find a fireplace, sauna, shower and laundry room and a children's playground. At Björklunds Båtslip you can also rent a kayak – a great way to discover Iniö's beautiful archipelago. 1,7 km from Björklunds Båtslip is Merideli Leonella located, which serves sweet and salty and offers the opportunity to play mini golf.

Café Alppila

Café Alppila on Jumo is located near the road ferry Aura. Take your car to the ferry and enjoy a cozy coffee break at the café! It is also possible to stay overnight in Alppila's cabins, which are i.a. perfect for cyclists along the Archipelago Trail.