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Spring in the Finnish archipelago

The sun is warming the archipelago and ice can still be found in smaller bays and straits, making it seem calm on the surface for visitors. However, for locals, spring is usually a busy time.

Discover the hard work behind our seasonal delicacies

Looking for a unique travel experience? Look no further than the Finnish archipelago! With around 40,000 islands, this is the largest archipelago in the world and an unforgettable destination. The outer archipelago, including Pargas, is a wild and beautiful place to explore. The islands offer a variety of services and can be reached by flexible public transport.

Spring is the perfect time for outdoor activities in the archipelago. Paddling, cycling, and hiking are fantastic spring activities. Many seasonal accommodations, guest harbors, and service places along the St. Olav Waterway and Archipelago Ring Roads are open year-round or open for Easter and warmly welcome seasonal guests.

Experience the stunning beauty of the Archipelago’s spring awakening – Get ready to be amazed!

April and May often offer warm and sunny days and beautiful views from bridges, ferries, and lookout towers. Fields of coltsfoot, wood anemones, and flowers greet visitors along the ring roads. The trees have buds and the sea is newly awakened and crystal clear after the ice melts. Deer and their calves graze on the first green shoots that sprout on the fields and meadows of the larger archipelago islands. Seabirds court their partners and if you move around by kayak or on foot, you have a great chance to experience the archipelago’s natural spectacle up close if you are attentive. It’s like the whole archipelago takes a deep breath before summer arrives.

With the air filled with the scent of blooming flowers and the sounds of seabirds calling out to their mates, during spring it’s easy to feel like you’re part of the archipelago’s collective deep breath before the busy summer season kicks off.