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Tastes of the archipelago

The Farm Shop Route.

Discover the fresh and authentic tastes of the archipelago in farm shops and kiosks

Immerse yourself in the agrarian charm of the archipelago as you explore a plethora of farm shops and kiosks scattered along the idyllic Archipelago Trail or St. Olav Waterway. These rustic outlets, affectionately known as ‘bodarna’, beckon to travellers who seek an intimate encounter with local culture, and serve as the perfect detour from regular cycling, walking, or motor tours.

From new potatoes to sweet, rich honey and fresh juices

A leisurely day trip from your rental cottage or hotel, these kiosks present an opportunity to discover the diverse and authentic flavours of the archipelago. From the crisp new potatoes seasoned with fresh dill to the sweet, rich honey and fresh juices, every product embodies the love and hard work invested by the local farmers. The offerings, such as cheese, bread, oats, flour, and a variety of fruits and berries, change daily, adding a touch of mystery to your visit.

There are many bee farms around the archipelago and in this flowing gold you can feel the unique flavors of the different areas of the archipelago.

Photo: Jaska Poikonen / NLUX