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Archipelago National Park –
protecting the largest archipelago in the world

The national Park turned 40 years in 2023!

40.000 islands, wilderness and island culture

The Archipelago Sea, off Southwestern Finland, has more islands than any other archipelago in the world. It is often described as the world’s most beautiful and wild archipelago. The area changes from larger islands dotted with rustic pastures and vibrant villages in the north, to wild and windswept rocky islets in the south closest to the open sea. Scheduled ferry services take locals and travellers to the main islands all year round.

The Archipelago National Park is a fantastic place for island hopping, sea kayak adventures, and cottage life with the nature as your only neighbour

With the shelter given by the thousands of islands, it is most of the time easy to do sheltered multi-day tours kayaking. Sailing is also fantastic here with all the nature harbors and small village guest harbors available. If you rather travel by ferry this is also a very good choice, the views are fantastic and the routes are numerous.

Activities in the Archipelago National Park

Get more out of your stay with a guided activity, kayak, or boat tour.

Interesting places to visit in the Archipelago National Park.

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