Archipelago National Park -
protecting the largest archipelago in the world

This year the National Park turns 40!

40.000 islands, wilderness and island culture

The Archipelago Sea, off Southwestern Finland, has more islands than any other archipelago in the world. It is often described as the world's most beautiful and wild archipelago. The area changes from larger islands dotted with rustic pastures and vibrant villages in the north, to wild and windswept rocky islets in the south closest to the open sea. Scheduled ferry services take locals and travellers to the main islands all year round.

The Archipelago National Park is a fantastic place for island hopping, sea kayak adventures, and cottage life with the nature as your only neighbour

With the shelter given by the thousands of islands, it is most of the time easy to do sheltered multi-day tours kayaking. Sailing is also fantastic here with all the nature harbors and small village guest harbors available. If you rather travel by ferry this is also a very good choice, the views are fantastic and the routes are numerous.

Top routes and places in the Archipelago National Park

  • Camping in the

    Archipelago National Park
    Most camping spots are only accessible with your own boat or kayak. The islands of Berghamn and Jurmo are both easily accessible by ferry and have an authentic rustic charm. Both have free National Park camping spots and are accessible on the Utö ferry route which departs from Pärnäs. Pärnäs is connected to Turku by a frequent bus service. Read more here.
  • Boating for foodies

    with your own boat
    Nothing creates a hunger like a day at sea. Many of the marinas in our Boating Route for Foodies lie in the national park. From cosy piers to bustling harbours they offer a variety of services, and many have accommodation or places for tents. From fresh smoked fish to fine dining, you will get a great variety to your evening meals. The archipelago blooms in the summer as does the local produce from small farms, tasty and fresh.
    A drone shot from Nagu guest harbour
  • Underwater trails

    Archipelago National Park
    The real secrets of the park lie beneath the lapping waves of the Archipelago Sea. There are two underwater nature trails for snorkeling and diving. The trail at Stora Hästö explores the different sea environments as a depth of 2-12 meters and is 300 m long. The underwater statue trail beside Dalskär lies at a depth of 3-4 meters and features sculptures made by Turku high school students.
  • The Kid's Lab

    Combining art with science
    The Kids' Lab at Archipelago Center Korpoström is an interactive learning space that inspires curiosity and wonder in children as they discover the Baltic Sea and the Archipelago Sea. Hands-on activities, interactive exhibits and real laboratory equipment allow children to explore marine life and take water samples. 
    People sitting watching the sea at the island Houtskär in the Finnish archipelago
  • Campfires

    Archipelago National Park
    Campfires are part of Finnish summer. The national park has 13 islands with fireplaces and wood. Fires are never allowed on bedrock or during a fire warning or without the permission of the landowner. Please note that lighting campfires is also forbidden at campfire sites if  a forest fire warning or the grass fire warning is  in effect. This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a shelter and a flue. 

Activities in the Archipelago National Park

Get more out of your stay with a guided activity, kayak, or boat tour.

Interesting places to visit in the Archipelago National Park.

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