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Autumn in the Finnish archipelago

Many come to the Finnish archipelago in search of peace and tranquility during the summer months, but the real calmness settles over the islands during autumn and continues throughout winter and spring.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Finnish archipelago: a season for the senses

Peace and tranquillity can be found in the crackling of a fire after a refreshing sauna and swim, the rustling of the wind through the treetops, the glint of a fish in crystal-clear water, or the hooting of an owl in the distance. To perceive these sounds, you must stop and let your senses sharpen. The stillness of the archipelago is most palpable at dusk and in the dark. Along the coast and in the archipelago, there are no major sources of light pollution. In the fall and winter, the darkness in the archipelago is striking and creates excellent conditions for those who want to admire the wonders of the starry sky.

Fishing in the dramatic landscapes of autumn is a memory you won’t soon forget.

Photo: Jasmin Yuchun

Discover the authentic everyday life of the Finnish archipelago’s coastal villages

Take time to visit the outer archipelago. Everyday life in the archipelago villages flows with children going to school, work, and leisure activities all year round, and the islanders themselves may have time to stop and exchange a few words with you in the village shop. As a visitor during the quieter seasons, you become a part of the islanders’ everyday life. In the galley aboard a ferry together with the locals, it is easy to start a conversation if you are curious about your surroundings. Usually, the locals are also curious about who you are.

Embark on an unforgettable journey and go island hopping in the Finnish archipelago’s colder seasons.

Photo: Jasmin Yuchun

Island hopping in the Finnish archipelago

Island hopping during the colder seasons creates memories for a lifetime. After August, the air becomes crisper, and the seawater becomes colder and therefore clearer. Autumn, winter, and spring in the Finnish archipelago offer the island hopper constantly changing and dramatic weather and light phenomena. Instead of gentle summer winds, you can, if you’re lucky, experience unforgettable autumn, winter, and spring storms with the islanders. Nature’s spectacle is a constant source of wonder. Seals, eagles, and birds are not uncommon during the quieter months of the year. And the fall migration or the arrival and nesting activities of birds in the spring are annual recurring phenomena that fascinate.

The Finnish archipelago offers a multitude of outdoor activities during autumn, such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking in the crisp, cool air while surrounded by stunning fall colors.