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Where urban meets archipelago, the perfect blend of city life and island adventures.

The first urban area after you’ve left the mainland

The centre of Pargas is the first urban area you will meet on your journey along the Archipelago Trail. You will travel over four sea bridges to get here. The shops are located in Nya Malmen, just a stone’s throw away from the charming channel that flows through the city. During summer, the pedestrian street teems with locals and travellers. On the pedestrian street, you can experience an atmosphere similar to that of a small southern European town, and eat well in one of the many restaurants. Gamla Malmen, on the other side of the channel, is a historic wooden house area. It’s highly recommended to take a walking tour here (with an ice cream in one hand and a camera in the other, of course). We also recommend that you get to know Finland’s largest limestone mine, a gigantic open-pit mine in the middle of the town, that you can get to admire from the vantage point.

Walking along the river Sundet in Pargas is a serene and beautiful experience. The river flows gently through the town, surrounded by greenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

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