In Pargas there is something for everyone

Pargas is a municipality that consists of many islands and islets, here lives about 12 200 people. Pargas is built on three elements: the city centre, the countryside and the archipelago. Here you can experience everything from the beautiful nature to historical sites and buildings, also Finlands biggest open quarry that mines limestone is in Pargas. The mining industry has always been an important industry in Pargas and it still plays a big part as an employer.
Karta över Pargas

The Churchstrait that runs through the city has been an important route. Now if you want to sit down and relax, a park bench by the strait is a perfect place to do just that. There you can see the boats cruising through the city on a warm summer day. A short walk from the Churchstrait there is Pargas pedestrian street called Köpmansgatan. Here you can find different stores and cafés, in the summer there are often many people walking on this street.

Travel around with a car or boat, ride a bicycle or hike to one of the many islands that Pargas consists of. A wide network of ferries, boats and busses is there for you so that you can get to where you want. Take also the opportunity to visit one of the beaches and have a swim, or why not visit a camping site or take a stroll through the central park. In Pargas there is something for everyone.

See and do in Pargas

Pargas' Malmen

Visit Pargas' historical district on Gamla Malmen. Here you'll find colorful small town treehouses and the town's medieval grey stone church. The pedestrian street Köpmansgatan is also located on Malmen, with its shops, cafés and restaurants. Eat something tasty at Matmalmen EVA, Café Hallonblad, Restaurant Kamu or Hunger & Törst. Check out this article for more information about Pargas Malmen.


Sattmark unites outdoor life with café- and restaurant business, as well as accommodation. You'll get here easily with your own car, boat or public transportation, and on the area there's also three cabins for rent. Stretch your legs and walk along Sattmark's nature paths, measuring 2,5 km, 5,5 km and 11 km. Enjoy good coffee and freshly baked goods, or why not a restaurant meal after the stroll. In Sattmark you can also shop smoked fish products on specific days.

Archipelagia Golf

Pargas offers entertainment also for golf fans! Visit Archipelagia Golf's nine hole course, or practice you technique on the range or the short game area. At Archipelagia Golf there's also a possibility to play paddle, shop for golf clothes in the well equipped shop or enjoy a good meal at the restaurant ARGC Bistro & Cafe.

Hundbanan's exercise stairs

In the summer of 2021 Pargas got its own exercise stairs! Walk up the approximately 470 steps and enjoy the view while you breathe out, 50 meters above the ground.

Stentorp's sheep farm

On the sheep farm in Stentorp they breed Finnish Landrace sheep, grazed on the farm or nearby islets and provided with mineral-rich seawater and versatile food. Sheep's wool and skins become various products that are sold in Stentorp's farm shop (open summer days 12pm-18pm). In the archipelago nature the Moominhouse is rented out to visitors. Food can be pre-ordered if needed. Welcome to explore this archipelago idyll with the whole family!

Wine yard Tammiluoto

Tammiluoto offers locally produced apple wines, sparkling wines, cider and apple liqueur to taste either on site in the wine cabin or to buy with you from the country stall. You can also treat yourself with some sauna or why not arrange a summer party in one of the farm's many conference- and party premises! In Tammiluoto you'll arrive easily with your own boat as well.

Frisbee golf courses

Pargas has joined the trend with frisbee golf! In the city center you'll find courses in the Central Park and Finby. The course in the Central Park is especially suitable for beginners or as practice for more experienced players, with its 6 holes. The course in Finby consists of 18 holes and it stretches through forrest and more challenging terrain. The course requires skills and concentration, whether you are a first-time player or a professional! Bring your own frisbees.