Hunger & Törst

Hunger & Törst

Welcome to our fine restaurant Hunger & Törst, which is centrally located in Pargas with a view of the guest harbour and a small piece of the beautiful Turku archipelago.

You are welcome to join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menu is seasonal and we use local ingredients whenever possible. We have a wide range of drinks and specially created cocktails, and we can recommend carefully selected wines for each dish.

There is plenty of space in the restaurant for larger parties and it is also possible to book our individual spaces, the smaller of which can accommodate 12 people and the larger of which can be customised to accommodate 40 or 100 people. The larger of the two rooms also has meeting facilities available.

On warm days, you can also enjoy food and drinks on our terrace. Come to us hungry and thirsty and leave full and satisfied! Follow us and like us on our social media so you don't miss out on the special events we organise. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! A warm welcome from the restaurateurs Patrik and Niko and the rest of the team at Hunger & Törst.

Inside seating arrangementEntrée and wine tastingHunger & Törst Pizza
Inside seating arrangement
Entrée and wine tasting
Hunger & Törst Pizza