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Jaska Poikonen

Discover your favorite among 20 000 islands

The Pargas archipelago consists of 5 main islands and countless small islands and islets, far out in the outermost archipelago. Familiarize yourself with the different main islands and with the outer archipelago as an area. A large part of the Pargas archipelago belongs to the Archipelago Sea’s UNESCO biosphere area, which focuses on how the unique nature and people in the local archipelago community with its rich culture and archipelago traditions are in balance with each other. 

Something happens all year round in the archipelago

May 25
May 25

How to get to the Finnish Archipelago

Only two hours from Helsinki and Tampere, and you are here.
Travel around the archipelago – by car, bus, boat, bicycle or on foot. In addition to the roads, the islands can be reached by ferries and transfer vessels.

The archipelago is famous for its’ circular trails

Experience the best of the season


Photo: Aleksandra Degtiareva


Get inspired by the farthest reaches of Finland’s archipelago every day

The 4,5 hour long journey to the island of Utö from Pärnäinen, and back, fitted into a one minute clip. It’s fascinating watching the weather change and the sea shifting in multiple shades of blue throughout the journey.💙
Along the connecting ferry M/s Utö’s route you’ll stop by the islands of Nötö, Aspö and Jurmo.
The ferry is free of charge and operates year round.
White wagtails dancing above the water surface, briefly landing on the floating straws of reed - slow down your pace and you’ll start noticing these beautiful little moments all around you with nature now waking up from winter 💙

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Some beautiful winter days on the island of Jurmo as documented by @jonna_saari
Days like these are truly the best that the archipelago winter has to offer 💙
Oh the delightful smell of homemade cinnamon buns ❤️ 
These ones baked on the island of Brännskär, thanks to @livingarchipelago for sharing this reel!
Moving into March, winter is slowly starting to give way to spring but there are still some beautiful snowy landscapes to be enjoyed such as this one on Aspö in the outer archipelago.

📷 Minna Kattelus
For each day that passes, the days get a little bit longer as we move towards spring ☀️
Last weekend marked the second and final round of the presidential election in Finland. When you live on the outer islands of the archipelago, voting looks a bit different than on the mainland. Here, the polling station is brought to you on the connecting vessel and no matter the ice situation, here onboard M/s Houtskär operating on the Nauvo transverse route 🇫🇮