Villa Högbo

Villa Högbo offers home-like accommodation and a stress-free environemnt according to your own schedule, from season to season. Even in winter, there are several free ferry crossings a day to Iniö.

Villa Högbo is located in the scenic Iniö archipelago, along the ring road, in the lively village community of Norrby and right next to the gray stone church of Sophia Wilhelmina (built 1797 – 1800).
Villa Högbo is a log villa, originally built in 1933 as Iniö's town hall, which offers an excellent setting for independent tourism and corporate relaxation.
Villa Högbo has 8 rooms for 2-5 perosn, 5 toilets and three kitchens. The downstairs hall and kitchen are shared by guests. Upstairs there is a common washing and washing area with shower cubicles.

The ferry Aura runs year-round from Kustavi's Heponiemi to Iniö. It is about 5 km from Aura's Kannvik harbor and about 1 km from the Skagen ferry on the Saariston Ring Road. In the summer, the road is especially popular with cyclists and motorcyclists.
Inio can also be reached with your own boat. Villa Högbo is located between two luxuriously equipped guest harbors. On the beach of Norrby (distance approx. 0.4 km) there is a restaurant Leonella and an island store, which also handles boat berths and sauna reservations. On the other side of Villa Högbota (distance approx. 0.8 km) is Björklunds båtslip, where a Thai restaurant also operates in the summer.

The room is specifically decorated for families with children.
The room is specifically decorated for families with children.