Kirjais Yellow path

Kirjais Yellow path

The shorter and easier of the two paths exploring Kirjais suitable for families.

The yellow path starts about 50 meters after the red path turns into the forest along the road "Sarviksvägen", and in turn goes south. After an easy start, you climb Skiparbrant, Kirjais's highest hill. The climb is still quite easy, and the entire yellow path is also suitable for children although parents should keep a close eye on them, especially on the steep and slippery parts. You should be careful on the rocks, the height differences are big, the rocks are very steep, and you must not run on the rocks. In rainy weather, the rocks can be very slippery.

The path is maintained by the active Kirjais village association

Villager’s recommendation
Visit the summer restaurant, shop, book exchange and viewpoint and play area in the village, accommodation is also available at Västeräng Glamping. Boaters can use the boat marina in the village. Summer flowers can be bought direct from the greenhouse most days.