Magical Naantali guest harbour and old town terraces

Magical Naantali guest harbour and old town terraces

Naantali is the famous sunshine town of Finland. There the sunbeams ripple from the waves in the harbour bay onto sunglasses in the restaurants by the boardwalk, frolicking through the Kultaranta garden flowerbeds, stroking the cellos playing in the convent church, and finally make their way to warm the rock island cliffs in the archipelago.

Naantali guest harbour district is a must-see experience while visiting the seaside town. The magical atmosphere is everywhere to be experienced. Location in the cradle of old town makes it a central spot for visitors. The historical town is a unique combination of culture, beautiful architecture, fascinating sights and delicious spots for foodies and lively events.

The beautiful Finnish archipelago is just around the corner and the famous archipelago trails travel through Naantali. From the old town you can take the steamship Ukkopekka and cruise to Turku, or just be shopping in many boutiques within walking distance.

Naantali is also the official hometown of the Moominworld where you can meet all the characters from Tove Jansson’s beloved Moomin stories. Moominworld is situated on an island next to the old town and is a unique place to visit while you are in Naantali.

Old town houses many small hotels in convenient locations; you can choose for example Hotel Amandis, Hotel Palo or Bridget Inn. Or if you prefer staying overnight in the authentic wooden houses, contact Visit Naantali and we will tell you more.

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Naantali old town guest harbour
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Path of love and Naantali old town
Naantali old town restaurant terrace
Naantali old town main street
Naantali old town guest harbour people
Naantali old town bay guest harbour