Nature trails & Biking

Embark on a journey of discovery through the Finnish archipelago's scenic nature trails, where every step brings new understanding and appreciation for nature's modest yet profound wonders.

Nature trails in the Finnish archipelago

Experience the beauty of the Finnish archipelago through our nature trails, some of the best hiking paths in Finland. Embark on your journey, trekking across breathtaking landscapes that showcase Finland's top archipelago views. Learn about the rich biodiversity of the archipelago, making your hiking adventure not just an active outdoor pursuit but a nature education journey too. From novice to experienced hikers, these trails are a must-visit, guaranteeing unforgettable hiking in Finland.

Unfold the canvas of your adventure under the vast Nordic sky in the Finnish archipelago. Setting up your tent in the untouched beauty offers an unfiltered immersion into the soothing whispers of nature.
Camping in the Finnish archipelago

Biking trails in the Finnish archipelago

Unleash your spirit of adventure on the scenic biking trails of the Finnish archipelago, a top cycling destination in Finland. Our biking trails guide you through diverse landscapes, showcasing the beauty of Finland's archipelago. Start your pedal-powered journey today and experience the best biking trails Finland has to offer.

Tourist Informations

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-18
Sat-Sun 10-18

Centris Äventyrsgolf,
Strandvägen 5b,
21600 Pargas

Nagu Strand 6,
21660 Pargas

Galtby Boden,
Skärgårdsvägen 6563,
21710 Pargas

21760 Pargas

23390 Pargas
Phone: +358 400 117 123Email:
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