Coastal Past

Download the mobile app Coastal Past and go for a walk around the Archipelago Centre and in to the past of Korpoström.

You can also explore the history of Korpoström here below.

The Archipelago Centre has been a partner of the Central Baltic-financed project DefenceArch over the last three years. Results of the project are the following YouTube movies.

Final publication / “Footprints of Defence in the Archipelago” (Defencearch) link:

As a result of the DefenceArch project, all the pilot destinations experienced a major leap towards the digital era with a mobile app, videos and a thematic brochure, all of which help reach new target groups. From joint attraction perspective, The Coastal Past-application is still operating and updated, offering enriched information and additional content on all the destinations. Also improvements in infrastructure have opened the destinations to visitors in a new way. The project has absolutely created an attraction and the numbers of visitors have increased.

Coastal Past Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström
Coastal Past Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström