Archipelago Harvest Festival


Welcome to the Archipelago Harvest Festival

The Archipelago Harvest Festival is the most anticipated event of the autumn, it celebrates the year's harvest, autumn traditions and the rich archipelago culture. This is an event that brings people together to enjoy good food   and to get to know local producers from the archipelago.  The Archipelago Harvest Festival offers countless taste experiences from local products and ingredients, so make your way to the festival and find the best products of the season.

The Archipelago Harvest Festival market on Saturday (date to be determined) in Nauvo.

The Archipelago Harvest Festival market isn't just any market. It's an experience that showcases the lively culture and interesting history of the archipelago, as well as its arts and crafts.
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Harvest Festival market sellers and Open farms:

Don't miss this memorable event. Book your market spot on the Archipelago Harvest Festival and come sell your products or open your doors for visitors.
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Open farms in the archipelago on Sunday (date to be determined for 2024)

Have you ever been interested to know where your food really comes from? During the Open Farms event, local farmers open their doors and invite you to get to know their farm. You get a chance to see how your food is produced, and you get the opportunity to talk with those who are responsible of making it happen.
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Tourist Informations

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-18
Sat-Sun 10-18

Centris Äventyrsgolf,
Strandvägen 5b,
21600 Pargas

Nagu Strand 6,
21660 Pargas

Galtby Boden,
Skärgårdsvägen 6563,
21710 Pargas

21760 Pargas

23390 Pargas
Phone: +358 400 117 123Email:
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