A piece of paradise

The archipelago city Pargas consists of the municipalities Pargas, Nagu, Korpo, Houtskär and Iniö. The Archipelago Sea in the south-western part of Finland consists of about 25 000 islands, islets and skerries, out of all of these about 10 000 lies within the borders of the archipelago city Pargas. You can visit Pargas all year around and experience everything that the archipelago life and -lifestyle has to offer.

  • Find the greatest sights and views
  • Go on an adventure around the islands with a bike, boat, car or a kayak
  • Explore the prettiest hiking trails
  • Pay a visit to the cosy local restaurants and cafés and taste the local food
  • Experience the archipelago culture in our museums

On this webpage will you find information regarding accommodation, food and activities within the different areas in our beloved archipelago city Pargas.

Upcoming Events

Houtskär Days

1.7.2019 - 7.7.2019

More information will be given later.

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Korpo Sea Jazz Festival

24.7.2019 - 27.7.2019

Korpo Sea Jazz features 18 concerts and is one of Finland’s largest jazz festivals. Korpo Sea Jazz is a fixed point in the Finnish jazz calendar. There are gigs in Korpo, Nagu, Houtskär and Pargas. Photo: © Olli Sulin

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Night of the Ancient Bonfires


In days of yore bonfires were lit around the coastlines of the Baltic Sea to guide seafarers and sea navigators ashore, or to warn inhabitants of impending threats. Later this turned into a tradition of lighting bonfires around the Finnish coastline on the last Saturday of the month of August as a celebration of the end of summer season. This tradition is also common in other countries around the Baltic Sea, such as Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Night of Ancient Bonfires is celebrated all around the Archipelago city of Pargas by lighting bonfires in multiple villages and islands.

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