FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are restaurants and accommodation places open as normal this summer?


The archipelago is open year round – from Turku though Pargas and all the way out to Houtskär or from Turku to Kustavi (road 192) to Iniö. The grocery stores and restaurants are open but follow the government’s regulations. The same goes for those offering accommodation. 


The Archipelago Trails are fully open (meaning that m/s Antonia operates between Houtskär-Iniö and m/s Östern Nagu-Själö-Hanka) between May 13th and September 4th 2022.

How long are the Archipelago Trails?


The Archipelago Trail  
250km of which 220km driving The Small Archipelago Trail
120km of which 100km driving


What ferry costs and how much?


Ferry ms Antonia
Houtskär-Iniö  13.5-4.9.2022

Adult 10 eur
Child (4-11 y) 5 eur  
Car incl. passengers 40 eur  
Caravan incl. passengers 75 eur  
MC 25 eur
Bike 12 eur  
Bus 150 eur  

Ferry ms Östern
Nagu guest harbout-Själö-Rimito, Hanka  
13.5-4.9.2022 www.ostern.fi  

Adult 7 eur  
Child (4-11 y) 3 eur  
Car 12 eur  
Camper 20 eur  
Car + caravan 32 eur  
MC 8 eur  
Bike 3 eur  All the other ferries are free of charge and operate year round. 

Pieni rengastie - Lilla ringvägen - Östern

Do you need to make reservations to the ferries?


No, it is not possible to make reservations to the ferries. 

How often do the ferries trafficate?


Approx every 15 minutes, early mornings, late evening and nighttime more seldom
–> TimetableNagu-Korpo-Nagu
approx every 20 min, early morning and late evening more seldom. During night time you can order the ferry (by calling +358(0)400-864268).
–> TimetableKorpo-Houtskär/Norrskata
approx. every 1-1½ hours, early mornings and late evenings by calling: +358(0)400-114291
–> Timetable Houtskär
–> Timetable NorrskataHoutskär-Iniö-Houtskär
4 departures/day
–> Timetable and price listIniö-Gustavs-Iniö
7-8 departures during weekdays and 5-6 departures during weekends
–> TimetableConnecting boats to the outer archipelago more seldor.
All the connecting boats on ferry.fi.

Paraisten saaristo - Pargas skärgård

Do you need to book accommodation in advance?


Yes, you should book accommodation in advance. Especially during summer time there is a lot of people in the archipelago and accommodation can be fully booked.

Do you need to take the car along to the outer archipelago?


No, you don’t need the car in the outer archipelago and on m/s Baldur it isn’t even possible to take the car with you. 

How to get to Själö island?


  • Ferry ms Östern
    Nagu guest harbour-Själö-Rimito, Hanka 13.5-4.9.2022
    3 departures/day, timetable:  www.ostern.fiNote that you’re not allowed to take the car with you to Själö.

  • Boat ms Norrskär
    Turku-Själö-Nagu-(Gullkrona) during summer
    daily, timetable: www.vitharun.fi 

Pieni rengastie - Lilla ringvägen - Seili - Själö

Where can I rent a bike?


You can rent a bike on several places in the archipelago. Have a look at: Carfield / Frank Tuominen, www.carfield.fiPlease notice that there are cyclepaths only partly on the routes.

Where can I fish?


Angling and ice fishing are free in Finland on lakes, ponds and sea areas. Before going fishing, remember to make sure that the water area is not protected. You can check this on the kalastusrajoitus.fi service (in Finnish).The most important permit for fishing is the Fisheries management fee, which is the standard fishing permit in Finland. The fee is required of all between the ages of 18 an 64 who fish. Once you have paid the Fisheries management fee you are allowed to fish on lakes, ponds, and sea areas with a single fishing permit. Before starting to fish, remember to make sure that the water area is not protected (www.kalastusrajoitus.fi, in Finnish).Those who are under the age of 18 or over 65 are allowed to fish using a single rod without payment of a fee or a permit in water areas where fishing is not restricted.The Fisheries management fee can be paid through the Eräluvat.fi service!

How to get to Åland islands by ferry?


The South route
Korpo, Galtby – Kökar – Sottunga – Föglö – Långnäs  The North route
Kustavi, Vuosnainen (Osnäs) – Brändö, Åva (första båten)- Brändö,Torsholma – Kumlinge – Lappo – Enklinge-Vårdö (andra båten)   More information on Ålandstrafiken’s page – www.alandstrafiken.ax  

Can you take a boat from Turku to the archipelago?


Yes you can! Welcome!Boat m/s Norrskär
varying schedule between May to September–> Timetable and more information

What about ticks, should I be worried?


There are ticks in the archipelago, as well as there are in other parts of the country. Ticks are prevalent in long grass and damp vegetation. Although it is very unlikely to pick up a tick if you keep to the trail it is a good idea to conduct a tick check in the evening especially if you have been in places of lush vegetation. Tick tweezers are a good idea.